VLOG Book Review: Ultramarathon Man – Confessions of an All-Night Runner

When it comes to running, Dean Karnazes is a legend – especially in the world of ultrarunning. Dean’s autobiography, Ultramarathon Man – Confessions of an All-Night Runner, is on its surface an account of epic and entertaining personal performances in the iconic races of ultrarunning (e.g. Western States 100, Badwater, and The Relay).

However, a deeper reading brings to surface some of the tips and routines Dean developed in his quest from being average 9-5 Office Worker to the Ultramarathon Man.

This video blog summarizes my Top 4 insight takeways after having read the book.

Whether you’re looking for a historical account of famous ultramarathon courses, personal inspiration, or a relaxing weekend read, Dean Karnazes’ book delivers — from start to Finish Line.


Reading Guide for Book Clubs

  1. Which of Dean’s ultramarathon stories was the most enjoyable to you? Which was most inspiring? Why?
  1. Dean mentions that running is a “selfish” activity. However, Dean also provides many examples of how his running has brought others together. Consider how Dean’s running may actually be an unselfish 
  1. Dean’s first attempt at the Badwater Ultramarthon ends in a DNF. How did this DNF, if at all, prepare Dean for his later success at the South Pole Marathon in quite literally the exact opposite set of weather conditions and terrain.
  1. Dean spends a good amount of time considering his “Why” for running – in his unique origin story that initially got him out the door and then subsequently sustained his passion. What is your “Why” or unique origin story for running?
  1. MAIN QUESTION: What are three habits or routines that Dean implements in his life to enable the time he spends running?

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