VLOG Book Review: Kings of The Road

Kings of the Road by Cameron Stracher is an excellent history of the American “Running Boom” between 1972 and 1982. As a fan of marathon running, I enjoyed learning about our past legends and the epic battles they waged on the roads. Below I provide my thoughts and reactions upon reading the book — perhaps helpful if you’re considering the purchase.



  1. 20 minutes!! Only because I’m a marathon runner myself did I have the stamina to actually make it through most of your review. But thanks for taking the time to do it. When will you add more content to your site? You don’t have a brother named John who has written any running related books, have you?


    1. Ah, I wish I had a famous brother named John who wrote amazing stories about a once runner 🙂 I’d ask him to write even more! Indeed, 20 minutes a bit long..I’ll keep the review of Dean Karnazes much shorter! Thanks for the comments -George


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