Patience the Original Fast Track

Running has taught me patience. 

About 10 years ago, running became my serious hobby. I was convinced within two years I could master recreational running and qualify for the Boston Marathon (3 hours and 5 minutes or 7:03 per mile pace) and then move on to my next hobby. 

Nope. It took me 10 years, +25,000 miles and +4,000 hours.

Patience over the years. 

When I started running, I attacked every workout to get as fast as quickly as possible. It did not work for me. I was constantly tired, hurt, or demotivated. Now, I have learned to alternate easy days with hard days. Easy days are easy, but they move me forward – slowly.

Patience over the weeks. 

My early races were chaotic. No routine and uneven pacing. My results were equally chaotic. Now, I am learning consistency and steadiness in both training and racing.

Patience over the days.

Recently, a good friend of mine was talking about the importance of “Staying Hungry” to be successful in business and life. I agree. In my experience, staying hungry has allowed me to achieve career, financial, and lifestyle goals far ahead of my schedule.

But, I was also hungry to qualify for the Boston Marathon 10 years ago. It took more than hunger to achieve this goal. I had to physically rebuild my body. That takes time. I had to recondition the limits in my mind. That takes new experiences. I had to progress every day, even on those days I was not hungry. That takes discipline. 

Patience over Hunger.

My friend’s comment sparked to me consider whether I was allowing for enough patience in my life outside of running.

  • How would I approach my job, marriage, or kids with a 10-year lens versus daily action items? 
  • Would I allow for more easy days? Would I go harder on the hard days?
  • Would I patiently learn to rebuild and evolve my skill set?
  • Would I risk and set bigger goals – even if they took 10 vs. 1 business cycle to achieve?

It’s worth thinking about. If you have the patience.

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