Garden of Life vs.Peregrune® Runner Multivitamin

What’s the difference between Peregrune® Runner Multivitamin and Garden of Life’s Multivitamin? 

To start, Peregrune® shares Garden of Life’s mission to bring high-quality supplements to its customers. We both use NSF GMP Certified manufacturing facilities and are third-party tested for quality. We both believe in ingredient transparency and quality. Both multivitamins are GMO-Free, Vegan, and Whole Foods.

What’s different is Peregrune® is formulated for runners. Big vitamin companies formulate for the mass population because that is where there are the most people. Runners are different. We sweat more nutrients, use more energy, and work our muscles and joints harder than others. Peregrune® engineers for the needs of runners, not everyone else. 

Specifically, compared to Garden of Life, Peregrune® has a probiotic for digestive health, a common ailment among runners. We layer in 3X antioxidants, Vitamin C and E, to neutralize free radicals produced during running, which can lead to inflammation and poor recovery. Most notably, Peregrune® is a complete Vitamin B with all “12” B-Vitamins. The B-Vitamin complex is vital to cellular energy production and the ATP production process critical to running. 

Lastly, we spend all our time at Peregrune® creating content, products, and information only for runners, which allows us to understand the needs of the running community deeper than others.


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