Running Speed: The Math behind the numbers

Running speed is a math formula. Knowing and executing are two different things though:


Running speed is a math formula. It is your cadence times your stride length. I have always been taught and maybe this is obvious the lobby, but it took me a long time to figure this out. I have always been taught my coaches that the first thing you want to focus on is your cadence, which is your number of steps per minute, the magic numbers to get between 170 180 steps per minute, then you work on your stride length. Now stride length is simply how much ground Can you cover with each stride. But it’s harder than it looks to increase it. Because to gain more ground, you have to increase your stride length. But yet, you still have to lay in properly. You don’t want to lay in with your heel, you want to land on your forefront. And so to do that, you need more flexibility in your hips, and that’s going to take time to develop. Additionally, if you’re gaining that much ground, your cardiovascular system has to be strong enough to be able to put up with it. And again, that takes time. It’s simple math, but it takes time and practice.

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