Runners dodge car accidents using forgotten secrets from World War I fighter pilots.

Runners can learn from World War I fighter pilots. 

During the Great War, pilots created tactical advantage using the sun. When stalking, an attacking pilot would position his plane in front of the sun. As a result, an unsuspecting opponent plane would be looking back into the sun, blinding the pilot and effectively camouflaging the attacking aircraft.

The tactic applies to runners. You can run safer in traffic by knowing where the sun is positioned, especially at dawn and dusk when the sun is set low to the horizon. Start by watching your running shadow. If your shadow is running in front of you, then the sun is behind you. Conversely, if your shadow is behind, then the sun is out front.

Cars driving toward you will be blinded by the sun when your running shadow is in front of you (e.g., the sun is behind you). This is generally true because we run on the left side of the road in the United States. Drivers are blinded by sunlight the worse in the early morning and early evening when the sun is set low in the sky. When the sun is behind you, be proactive giving cars extra space on the road and be forgiving of close passes.

Stay safe and attack those roads like a fighter pilot!

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