Episode 1: Competitive Weight Lifting

Welcome everyone to the first episode of the Hobby Podcast. Our objective is simple. I’ve always been fascinated by the many and diverse hobbies to which people dedicate their lives. I have discovered that the pursuit of these hobbies is vital to living a whole and balanced life — a life that doesn’t 100% rely on your identity at work or some other unidimensional characteristic.

What you’re going to hear are interviews with such individuals. Some of friends and some are people that I have been introduced to. But, all have some interesting hobby. And, perhaps by listening, you may find a new hobby for yourself or the energy to re-dedicate to an existing hobby. Because in the end, finding and expressing your true identity is one of the most satisfying ways to spend your time on this planet.

My first guest is a lifelong friend. I met Wayne when we were kids and have stayed in touch through the years. Today, Wayne is a Maste Sgt with the United States Air Force with a speciality in aircraft crew supervision and maintenance. He is responsible for keeping some of our biggest and deadliest aircraft in the air to defend our country. Wayne has served our country on overseas deployments many times. He is a husband, father, and, the focus of today, a competitive weightlifter who has competed in Power Lifting and Strong Man competitions across the nation.

With that, I hope you all enjoy my long interview with my good friend Wayne.

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