VLOG Book Review: Marathon Monks of Mt. Hiei

There’s a lot of way to find new books to read. In today’s world, AMAZON.com does a great job suggesting new titles for you based on your past searches. But, sometimes its fun to find books the old-fashioned way.

This week’s book I obtained from the list of sources in last week’s book: Eat & Run by Scott Jurek.

The Marathon Monks of Mt. Hiei is a documentation of a sect of Tendai Buddhist monks in the mountains outside Kyoto, Japan. Unique within their journey of personal enlightenment is the incorporation 100-days or 1,000-days of consecutive marathon distance (40-80km) pilgrimages through their mountain homes. The endurance, persistence, and consistency of these Marathon Monks is mind-blowing — clearly the wrong sentiment for a group undergoing a journey of enlightenment, but, nonetheless captures my raw enthusiasm for their feats.

The Marathon Monks of Mt. Hiei IS NOT for everyone. It’s a detailed, almost scholarly study with a tangential association to running or ultrarunning. I recommend some quick internet research first on the Marathon Monks.

If then still interested, this book is an EXCELLENT further study.

See you at the Finish Line,


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